Copyright rules for using images of Fiep Westendorp

All of Fiep Westendorp’s illustrations are copyrighted. Fiep Amsterdam Ltd has the exclusive unlimited exploitation rights of all illustrations and images by and of Fiep Westendorp. Fiep Amsterdam Ltd is solely entitled to use these illustrations and images or to authorize third parties to use these. Should you wish to use one of Fiep Westendorp’s images, you should therefore always ask permission from Fiep Amsterdam Ltd, regardless of what you would like to use the image for. Depending on the purpose of their use, there could be fees involved. Fiep Amsterdam Ltd follows the guidelines of the Pictoright Foundation (collecting society for visual artists in the Netherlands). For more information, a price indication, high resolution digital images or other questions regarding the use of Fiep Westendorp’s images, please call Fiep Amsterdam Ltd: +31 (0)20-4714637, or send an email to

Should you get permission from Fiep Amsterdam Ltd to use one of Fiep Westendorp’s images, the following rules apply:

  • The image must always be accompanied by a copyright notice that reads:

© Fiep Amsterdam Ltd; Fiep Westendorp Illustrations

  • Illustrations may in no way be cropped, pasted, colored etc.: in other words the images cannot be altered.
  • Before publication or print of the image, Fiep Amsterdam Ltd wants to know the context and see a draft or layout of the article, book or card showing the illustration. Fiep Amsterdam Ltd reserves the right to reject a design.
  • It is not allowed to use the supplied images for products other than agreed upon with Fiep Amsterdam Ltd.
  • Fiep Amsterdam Ltd always wants to receive a free copy of the final product, as soon as it becomes available.

Should these conditions not be met, Fiep Amsterdam can lodge a claim for compensation against the manufacturer of a product.